recycled. handmade. awesomeness.

At Olive Bites, we believe that people are basically good - well 99.99% good actually and we believe that people have green hearts and green souls and even an occasional green thumb and want need to buy green goods.

They want to save the planet, hug a tree, recycle, ride a bicycle, take a deep breath and they want to look awesome, smell amazing and make their friends green with envy while they do these things.


and that's where you come in if you have a store or catalog or website or little corner of the planet somewhere with the intention of selling really amazing stuff to really amazing people. We hear you, we are there for you. Let's talk.

(well, you can talk to Cat, Olive can be a little difficult to understand with her usual mouthful of dog treats, but she can bark a pretty decent version of Born to Run when bribed with string cheese)

Our handmade, eco-friendly jewelry is currently sold in dozens of boutiques, museum gift shops and stores throughout the U.S. and specialty shops in 6 countries.

For an access code to our wholesale site - drop Cat an email through our LET'S CHAT link.