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Airplane Inspiration Necklace


Brand Olive Bites

 Are you ready to SOAR? I think it's time! This beautiful handmade airplane necklace is a wonderful totem to get you on your way.

This is my brand new lasso style bib necklace that you will love and wear all the time! This necklace features gorgeous dark brown leather, recycled steel, industrial hardware and a recycled wine cork.

This stamped necklace reads SOAR to remind us to always be looking up! The stamped metal tag and cork are about 1" - the overall length of this necklace is 30" - hangs long and feels and looks amazing on.

Please buy with confidence- YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!

Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree. My cork is grown in managed forests in Portugal and Spain where the bark is carefully harvested, once every nine years, in a centuries-old tradition with hand tools and without fertilizers or pesticides; a process that ensures the forests will remain undamaged!

My jewelry designs are © 2007-2012, the images on the jewelry are copyrighted by the copyright holders and used here with permission.