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Dandelion Locket Necklace


Brand Unique, Handmade Recycled Jewelry - Olive Bites Studio

My lockets are welded by me with love and propane from recycled steel auto parts - then I collaborate with the most amazing and talented artists from around the world to create something totally unique just for you!

This is one of my new artists collaboration lockets featuring the amazingly beautiful photography of HouseofSixCats!

Bill is a Portland photographer and has been taking pictures since he got his first SLR camera for his 16th birthday. He fell in love with the art from his first roll of film! Long story short; Bill worked too long in the custom photo lab business, and hated everything about photography. Didn't pick up a camera for over ten years, until his daughter, Cyan, was born in April of 2007. When Bill saw the images of Cyan, that his friends took of her with their DSLR, he knew he had to get one! Bill picked up a Canon Rebel XT, started shooting his beautiful little girl, and his passion was re-ignited - and we are so glad it was! Since Cyan was Bill's inspiration, she has been the avatar since he opened his Etsy shop in June of '07.

We are so lucky to have his gorgeous and dramatic Dandelion Wishes and Sepia Charlotte Anne Rose for your locket! This artwork and much more is available in Bill's amazing Etsy shop

The locket has 3 magnetic interchangeable lids - two with beautiful HouseofSixCats photographs and one with the definition of the word DREAM - something Bill's stunning dandelion and floral imagery inspires us to do!

Your locket comes on an adjustable length 30" 2mm nickel plated brass ballchain. Locket is 1 1/4".

Just add your favorite little picture inside. Your locket is packaged in a cute little tin, perfect for gift giving or storage.

Please buy with confidence- YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!

All Polarity jewelry including the changeable magnetic top is © 2007-2012; all designs used on the jewelry are © HouseofSixCats and used here with permission.