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Day of the Dead Bracelet


Brand Unique, Handmade Recycled Jewelry - Olive Bites Studio

Day of the Dead Bracelet - Interchangeable Recycled Jewelry by Polarity and Shayne of the Dead

This is the first of my brand-new style Polarity Magnetic Bracelet - fabricated by me from a recycled steel auto part with a super-cool industrial feel. This will quickly become your favorite wrist wear!

This is a brand new artist collaboration locket featuring the totally amazing illustrations of Arizona artist Shayne of the Dead!

Shayne is an artist and professional bon vivant. His totally disturbing and incredible work is available in his Etsy shop

The locket bracelet has 3 magnet lids!

Steel and industrial hardware- made to order just let me know your wrist size! Locket is 1 1/4".

Just add your favorite little picture inside.

Your locket is packaged in a cute little tin, perfect for gift giving or storage.

Please buy with confidence! Your magnetic Bracelet is 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

All Polarity jewelry including the changeable magnetic top is © 2007-2012; all designs used on the jewelry are © Shayne of the Dead and used here with permission.