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Peas and Carrots Wedding Cufflinks - Recycled Cork


Brand Olive Bites

We don't think cufflinks need to be all matchy-matchy. In fact we think they like to do their own thing just like you do!

Do you go together like peas and carrots? We thought so. Why would you marry someone who wasn't the pea to your carrot after all!

Our cufflinks tell the world that you and your beloved go together just like our favorite vegetables - there's not much better than that!

Just leave us a note in the comments of section of your order with the message for your cube magnet!

  1. Stainless steel cufflinks
  2. 15MM
  3. Recycled wine cork
  4. Sealed with a glass-like resin to last forever
  5. In upcycled wood cube with fun magnet to make a great gift!
This upcycled jewelry is fabricated with recycled cork and a recycled steel auto part. Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree. My cork is grown in managed forests in Portugal and Spain (and recycled from NJ bars) where the bark is carefully harvested, once every nine years, in a centuries-old tradition with hand tools and without fertilizers or pesticides; a process that ensures the forests will remain undamaged!

My jewelry designs are © October 2007-2015