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Stamped Owl Locket - Magnetic Necklace, Squirrel, Deer


Brand Olive Bites

This stamped owl locket is fabricated from a recycled car part into a wonderful locket that gives you 3 looks - a wonderful owl, adorable deer and beautiful squirrel. This also comes with a stamped charm reminding us to just BE.


My lockets are welded by me with love and propane from recycled steel auto parts - then I collaborate with the most amazing and talented artists from around the world to create something totally unique just for you!

★Fabricated by hand from a recycled steel car part
★Multiple magnet lids - 4 NECKLACES IN 1!
★Long 30" stainless steel ballchain (can be shortened to any length)
★2 Sizes Available 1" (shown) or 1.25"
★Satisfaction 100% guaranteed

My polarity jewelry designs are © 2007-2013, the images on the jewelry are © by the copyright holders and used here with permission.