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The Princess and the Frog Locket Necklace - Magnetic Jewelry


Brand Unique, Handmade Recycled Jewelry - Olive Bites Studio

Polarity Lockets are the ORIGINAL magnetic necklace since 2007!

My lockets are welded by me with love and propane from recycled steel auto parts - then I collaborate with the most amazing and talented artists from around the world to create something totally unique just for you!

★ Fabricated by hand from a recycled steel car part
★ Multiple magnet lids - 3 NECKLACES IN 1!
★ Long 30" stainless steel ballchain (can be shortened to any length)
★ 1 1/4" size
★ Lids are a multi-use magnet set!
★ Satisfaction 100% guaranteed
★ Ships in gift tin with gift bag and always includes a FREE EXTRA LID!


This is one of my new artists collaboration lockets featuring the adorably amazing girls of Dudadaze artist Diane Duda!

Diane is the incredibly talented mom of three boys and she enjoys creating charming little pieces of art and being able to do what makes her happy. We are so lucky to have her Shaken Not Kissed and The Gang's All Here for your locket!

This artwork and much more is available in Diane's amazing Etsy shop

All Polarity jewelry including the changeable magnetic top is © 2007-2011; all designs used on the jewelry are © DudaDaze and used here with permission