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Viking Cork Bracelet - Metal Cuff


Brand Olive Bites

The Vikings raided, traded and settled - but mostly they were explorers - this bracelet celebrates that explorer energy! This modern viking cuff bracelet is handmade by me from aluminum, a recycled wine cork, a recycled steel car part and industrial hardware.

This bracelet has a stunning silver pewter charm with YOUR INITIAL!

Cork is 1".

Please buy with confidence- YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!

This upcycled jewelry is made with cork. Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree. My cork is grown in managed forests in Portugal and Spain where the bark is carefully harvested, once every nine years, in a centuries-old tradition with hand tools and without fertilizers or pesticides; a process that ensures the forests will remain undamaged!

My jewelry designs are © October 2007 2013

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